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MyNext Talent

Supports students and individuals in the workforce by providing access to profiling tools that enable them to discover their strengths, interests, and employable traits, and connect them directly to ideal internship programmes.

A series of assessments specially curated by experienced psychologists and educationalists to help individuals understand their work competencies, whilst also exposing them to various career paths that suit their personal skillsets. The mynext Profiling Suite introduces FIVE career-related assessments:

a) Work Values

b) Work Interests

c) The Future of Work

d) Personality & Motivation

e) Employability

- Gain access to a FREE English proficiency test that includes a series of Grammar and comprehension questions to identify areas that require improvements.

- Explore career paths beyond the status quo of your field of study that opens the doors to a journey of self-discovery and possibilities.

- Access limitless internship opportunities from all over Malaysia matched automatically to you based on your personal profiling, all via one online platform.

- Create industry-standard CV and skip the hassle of manual applications by applying for internships seamlessly at your desired company directly via the mynext system.

- Enrol into internship programmes endorsed by TalentCorp that ensures industry-relevant, conducive internship experiences.

- Let your voice be heard and evaluate the company in which you have completed your internship in to ensure an equal 360' view from both parties.

- Access mynext Talent via

- Fill in the 'About me' section and click finish.

- Attempt all the five assessments for the mynext Profiling Suite and one English proficiency assessment. Kindly note that the English Proficiency test is time sensitive.

- Once you have attempted all the assessments, kindly proceed to update your CV.

- Once you have updated your CV, you may start applying to your desired internship.

- After successful application, kindly wait until one of the companies gets back to you on the status of your application.

User Guide

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MyNext Company

Supports the national workforce by integrating talent solutions and analytics onto one platform, with a focus on bridging the gap between Malaysia’s talent supply to future jobs via TalentCorp-endorsed internship programmes.

- Overcome the boundaries of space and gain access to a wide range of qualified candidates from all over the country via one online platform.

- Gain access to competent potential candidates that have undergone the mynext Profiling Suite, which includes assessments related to work values, work interests, personality and motivation, employability.

- Ensure candidates' English competency is at par with your organisation's requirements via an English proficiency test made compulsory to all students prior to applying for internships.

- Provide internships that cater to your needs by choosing between two type of internship availabilities, General Internship or TalentCorp's specialised National Structured Internship Programme (MySIP), that comes with double tax deduction benefits.

- Reach wider, more diverse talent pools by advertising internship postings across all mynext social media platforms, and website, inclusive of paid advertising.

- Enjoy start-to-end internship management tools and a 360' review feature that enables you to assess your internship experience with us, all on one seamless platform.

You may refer to our mynext Company User Guide for the step-by-step guide on how to register for mynext.

Our normal rate is RM500/intern. However, for a limited time only, mynext is offering 50% off the original price, hence you will only need to pay RM250/intern. To enjoy this offer, enter promo code ‘COMPANY50’ during payment.

Upon successful payment, your job posting will be advertised via the mynext platform based on your selected Start and End date, with a duration of up to 6 months.
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MyNext University

Supports institutes of higher learning with data and information that enables conducive curricula development in line with current industry demands, whilst addressing the needs of individual students.

1. Gain access to FIVE different psychometric assessments that furnishes institutions to a broad understanding of your student in terms of their readiness to the world of work, ability to fit to a particular programme, and their possible career path.

2. Understand the English proficiency level of students that enables institutions to introduce necessary interventions to ensure student meets industry standards.

3. Assist students in charting their career paths through the mynext Career Explorer feature

4. mynext University introduces bespoke features that cater to different needs, including:

Coaching Dashboard

a. Empower career centre to support national agenda on employment and graduate employability

b. Advice students based on the results generated through the profiling assessment

c. Develop targeted programmes to address identified gaps in student abilities.

Analytical Dashboard

a. Access to updated data analytics of students in respective institutions

b. Develop evidence-based framework of action and intervention to increase graduate employability

c. Gain access to detailed data about your students registered via mynext to help with curriculum development.

5. Grants students a pathway to internship opportunities through a built-in CV tool that will be shared to over 2,000 companies from various industries all over Malaysia.

6. Access to industry experts to aid in curriculum development through our 360-degree feedback system that enables the collection of conducive data from employers and students.

7. Unlimited access to monitor and gain insights, as well as extract data on student progress in their study-to-work transition.

8. Provides an advertising platform for organisations to disseminate their services to all students within the platform, both paid and complimentary. This includes services such as short courses, microcredit courses, professional courses.

- Access mynext University via:

- Login with the provided credentials.

- Two main functions:

o Analytic dashboard: to monitor specific university student demographic and number of students signed up into mynext Talent

o Coaching dashboard: to monitor the progress of their university from their attempted assessments

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